Stainless Steel Door Hinge

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Stainless Steel Door Hinge

Model: KBH123

The stainless steel door hinge uses the material with high hardness and strength, so that it is suitable for heavy-duty casement door. It allows the door to achieve the smooth rotation, opening and closing under heavy pressure. It also features strong anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties and is durable to use.

KBH123 stainless steel door hinge features strong fastening force. The thin-walled piece has strong resistance to deformation, and good load-bearing capacity. This product is designed with an integral and non-detachable structure.

As a specialized stainless steel door hinge manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also offers 304 stainless steel friction hinge, aluminum window roller, aluminum window lock, stainless steel door roller, and more.

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