Aluminum Zinc Alloy Door Lock

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The aluminum zinc alloy door lock is widely used on the casement door, sliding door and folding door for opening. It comes in wide varieties and supports made to order service. The surface is available in various treatments such as spraying, electroplating, etc. This helps to achieve different appearances.

Model: KBS097

Aluminum Zinc Alloy Door Lock

The casement door lock is usually used in combination with the copper lock cylinder and double-sided door handle. The latch is designed as a rolling round type, and is made of copper, thus greatly reducing the friction, and prolonging the service life. The round lock tongue allows for natural stretch-out and draw-back with no need of internal transmission, just by bearing and releasing pressure. Hence, the product is widely used on large casement doors.

Model: KBS117

Aluminum Zinc Alloy Door Lock

KBS117 upper and lower latch door lock can flexibly realize the opening and closing of the door. It is mainly made ​​of die-cast aluminum, providing light weight. It is not easy to break, and features simple structure, cost saving, elegant appearance. The allowable moving range can reach 180 degrees, and the surface can be powder coated and electroplated to ensure beautiful colors. This product is used on 20 Euro-groove double casement door.

Model: KBS121

Aluminum Zinc Alloy Door Lock

KBS121 is a single sliding door lock. The large and smooth handle design facilitates the sliding of large and heavy doors. Pulling the handle can control the locking of doors, which is convenient and practical to use. The red indicator micelle can effectively indicate the open or close state of doors. The entire lock is of great utility.

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