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Model: KBJ015

Aluminum Door Bracket

Our aluminum door bracket all undergoes sandblasting surface treatment. Compared with a lot of bare similar products, it is more beautiful and practical. The screws all go through hardening process, so as to prevent slipping and ensure fastening during installation. This product is easy to install, and can be disassembled repeatedly.

KBJ015 detachable active door bracket is designed with a sandblasted surface. The active locking nail uses hard aluminum, which is beautiful and not easy to break. In accordance with customer requirements, the nail can be made into different specifications. All screws are hardened to ensure good fastening and no slipping in installation. The product allows for easy installation and repeat disassembly, and is suitable for use on cut to 45 degrees profiles.

As a China-based aluminum door bracket manufacturer and supplier, Keyee offers a broad range of products, including metal door lock, aluminum window friction hinge, sliding window roller, Al-Zn alloy window handle, and much more.

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