Door Bracket (Aluminum Profile)

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Model: KBJ026

Door Bracket (Aluminum Profile)

The door bracket with strong versatility can be processed into different widths to match different groove widths. The screws all go through the hardening process to ensure secure installation. The product can be installed with ease and dismantled over and over again. The height adjustment can be carried out through the screw, so as to achieve the locking function.

KBJ026 door bracket comes with a directly punched convex rabbet and snap, reducing processing cost. The stainless steel screw has high hardness and good strength. By adjusting the flat head screw through Allen key, the suitable height can be achieved for joining and locking of the door. The surface is mostly bare or oxidized.

Keyee is a specialized door bracket (aluminum profile) manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers a wide range of products, including aluminum door handle, iron friction hinge, zinc alloy door roller, zinc alloy window lock, among others.

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