Iron-Zinc Alloy Espag Rod / Espagnolette Bar

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Model: KBC016

Iron-Zinc Alloy Espag Rod / Espagnolette Bar

The lid of KBC016 iron-zinc alloy espag rod is made of zinc alloy through die casting. The gear and rack meshing transmission components use iron pieces through stamping. This helps to ensure good drive performance. The surface of the product is plated with color zinc, ensuring beautiful appearance. This espagnolette bar is widely used on the casement door, and is usually used together with our KBB012, KBB078, and other products.

Keyee is a China-based iron-zinc alloy espod rod / espagnolette bar manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as aluminum door hinge, metal door lock, Al-Zn alloy window handle, and plastic window roller.

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