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Model: KBL033

Zinc Alloy Door Roller

The shell of the plastic door roller is formed by plastic injection molding. The wheels adopt PA and fiberglass structure, so that the sliding is quiet and wearable. This type of product is suitable for light sliding doors. It has advantages such as good sliding stability, overall light weight, and affordable price.

KBL054 two-wheeled door roller uses wearable nylon through injection molding for the outer frame. The wheels also use durable nylon to ensure smooth sliding with no swing and no noise. The single pivot and dual wheel structure can effectively ensure two wheels bear stress uniformly on the rail. During installation, the round head screw on the back allow for self-regulation of the height. Different wheel colors are available upon request.

Keyee is a China-based zinc alloy door roller manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as door bracket (aluminum profile), sliding window roller, iron friction hinge / friction stay, and aluminum window bracket.

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