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Model: KBH058

Aluminum Window Hinge

We can flexibly design and develop aluminum window hinge according to different aluminum window profiles. The bushing uses the material of durable nylon to ensure a long lifespan. In addition, the pressed piece is manufactured using aluminum, zinc alloy or stainless steel. This is selected based on the different load-bearing requirements.

The window hinge is designed with a two-piece structure, and the hinge piece is processed from extruded aluminum. The upper one is mostly installed on the door leaf and the lower one is installed on the door frame. It comes with simple and convenient installation, as well as flexible up and down adjustment according to the height.

This product adopts cast aluminum gasket for tightening, and internal sharp screw for fastening between hinge and gasket. This allows door leafs not easy to fall. The sleeve is made from nylon for wearable rotation and long life. The spraying and oxidation surface treatment is often used.

Keyee is a specialized aluminum window hinge manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including aluminum window lock, stainless steel door roller, door bracket (aluminum profile), and aluminum door handle, among others.

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