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The iron friction hinge mainly uses iron material for the main body, while copper or stainless steel material is used for the slider. This can be selected according to specific requirements to ensure smooth sliding. This type of product has high resistance to bending and deformation, and is also economical and practical.

The iron friction stay is suitable for light casement window or top-hung window. It can be made into a single and double fulcrum structure. The bottom groove width can be customized. There are 8-inch, 12-inch and other specifications for option.

Model: KBN017

Iron Friction Hinge / Friction Stay

The bottom groove hinge sheet is made of iron material. The slider uses copper or stainless steel, which helps to guarantee smooth sliding. This slide support comes with a18-slot, single-fulcrum and four-bar linkage structure.

Model: KBN046

Iron Friction Hinge / Friction Stay

This friction hinge uses iron material for the bottom groove hinge piece, and the slider is available in copper or stainless steel material. This product is a slide support with 13.5-slot, dual-fulcrum, and four-bar linkage mechanism.

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