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Model: KBS008

Zinc Alloy Window Lock

The zinc alloy window lock shell is one-time molded through die-casting, coming with a short production cycle. According to customer requirements, moulds can be made to achieve different appearances. Also, powder spraying and paint spraying and other surface treatments can also be utilized to achieve a variety of appearances for customers to choose from. With good structural performance, a certain weight and good hand feel, it can guarantee the locking of a large window.

KBS008 zinc alloy manual lock is equipped with a built-in spring return mechanism. This ensures easy operation and good locking. The surface can be painted in different colors upon request.

As a professional zinc alloy window lock manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide Al-Zn alloy window handle, aluminum door bracket, stainless steel door hinge, aluminum plastic door handle, and much more.

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