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Model: KBL123

Aluminum Window Roller

The aluminum window roller utilizes aluminum extrusion processing for the shell. The wheel is available in aluminum or plastic. With features such as small weight and easy installation, the product is frequently used for light window.

KBL123 roller frame uses extruded aluminum, with the surface being oxidized, sprayed, etc. The wheel uses durable nylon and fiberglass. The bearing uses iron material and is electroplated with white zinc. Hence, little swing, smooth sliding, and low noise can be ensured. In addition, the roller size can be designed based on the sliding sash lower profile. This product is suitable for use on light sash window.

As an experienced aluminum window roller manufacturer and supplier in China, Keyee offers a comprehensive range of products, including window bracket (aluminum profile), stainless steel door hinge, zinc aluminum alloy door handle, and more.

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