Window Bracket (Aluminum Profile)

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Model: KBJ065

Window Bracket (Aluminum Profile)

The aluminum profile window bracket comes with strong versatility. It can be processed into different width according to the width of the groove.

KBJ065 square rabbet and snap is directly punched out from the bracket, thus reducing the processing cost. The screw is made of stainless steel, which ensures high hardness and good strength. By adjusting the socket head cap screw through Allen key, the appropriate height can be achieved to realize joining and locking. The surface is mostly bare or oxidized. This product applies to the profile with an angle of 45 degrees, as well as casement window and sliding sash.

Our company is a China-based window bracket (aluminum profile) manufacturer and supplier. We also provide aluminum window lock, 304 stainless steel friction hinge, aluminum zinc alloy door lock, aluminum plastic door handle, and more.

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