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The sliding window lock can help ensure the sash is stable when closed. Available in wide varieties, it is mainly divided into two-point lock, bar lock, crescent lock types. Either lightweight aluminum or high-strength cast zinc alloy can be used as the raw material in the manufacture.

The company has formed a complete product line, including up to 50 models or more window locks. We can provide free samples, the freight of which should be paid by the client. We also offer mould making based on customer drawings and ODM/OEM services.

Model: KBS004

Sliding Window Lock

KBS004 product handle is processed form aluminum profile. The base uses wear-resistant nylon material, compact and lightweight. The matching lock hook also utilizes aluminum processing. This product is entirely lightweight and affordable, and is usually installed on the sliding window.

Model: KBS085

Sliding Window Lock

The aluminum profile sliding window lock usually works together with the lock to achieve the locking function. The lock shell uses extruded aluminum and the pull handle uses plastic part. This structure is economic and practical. As both window fans are equipped with one lock, the anti-theft performance is stronger than the sliding window installed with only one crescent lock in the middle.

This product is designed with automatic compression structure, without the use of screws in installation. It is not only beautiful, but also can be quickly and easily installed. When installed with stainless steel sheet, it can also realize the automatic latching function.

Model: KBS101A

Sliding Window Lock

This window lock is also characterized by location and installation requiring no screws. The unique limit buckle and fixture block allows the product to be firmly secured on the sash. It makes use of aluminum lock shell and plastic pulling handle. This ensures economy and practicability.

In addition, the product itself is designed with the function of automatic latching, which ensures convenient operation. The friction grain structure of the handle presents the user-friendly design. It stands out of the bar locks.

Model: KBS109

Sliding Window Lock

This window lock is exquisite, compact, lightweight, and economic. The lock shell and pull handle is manufactured using aluminum and plastic respectively. Due to the positioning block installed with compression spring, the product can be solidly fixed to the sash.

The product has the automatic locking function. When pulling the handle, the sound caused by the movement of ball can be clearly heard. The handle surface is designed with friction pattern, ensuring superior hand feel. As no screw heads are exposed after installation, the beautiful appearance can be ensured. In addition, the product can be installed quickly and easily. It is usually used on small sliding window.

Model: KBS110R

Sliding Window Lock

The double insurance aluminum alloy crescent lock comes with light weight and good looks. The special knob safety device and the red and blue indicator can effectively strengthen the anti-theft performance of the product. It is generally installed on the sliding sash. The surface can be coated with oil to be clean and polished. This product is preferred by customers.

Model: KBS114

Sliding Window Lock

The window lock makes uses of aluminum lock box, pull handle and lock hook. It achieves thick wall but light weight. It is equipped with built-in compression spring auto-return mechanism, which can easily realize the latching function. The product is suitable for use on the sliding window with relatively thick sashes.

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