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The sash window roller is mainly composed of frame, wheel and bearing. The wheel frame can be customized into zinc alloy, plastic, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and other materials. The wheel uses PA and fiberglass, which makes it noise-free and wear-resistant in sliding. The bearing is made of iron or carbon steel and takes advantage of advanced technology, ensuring corrosion resistance, durable use, good feel, and little swing.

Window Roller
1. Product types: 100 or more. Service: Free samples, mould making with supplied drawings, ODM / OEM.
3. Surface treatment: Electroplating or oxidizing.
4.Opening and closing times: 100,000.
5. Installation: Simple and fast, with screws

Model: KBL001

Sash Window Roller

KBL001 plastic roller adopts single wheel, the height of which can not be adjusted. The structure is simple and the price is economical. Bearing a load of approximately 20KG, the product is suitable for use on small sliding window.

Model: KBL004

Sash Window Roller

This single-fulcrum and two-wheel window roller has a nylon outer frame through injection molding. The movable seat uses iron sheet by punching. Through the support of the single fulcrum, it can always make the two wheels keep in contact with the aluminum rail. Hence, the wheels can bear higher load and slide more stably.

Model: KBL009A

Sash Window Roller

This product uses iron frame and nylon wheel. During the process of installation, the height of the wheels can be adjusted by adjusting the screws. This helps to achieve the balance between sashes. The wheel uses unique set screw to avoid looseness and ensure durable use after installation. Generally, the surface adopts the electroplating treatment.

Model: KBL123

Sash Window Roller

KBL123 light sash window roller uses extruded aluminum for the frame, which can be oxidized, sprayed, or kept bare. The wheel uses nylon and fiberglass material. Hence, it achieves good wear resistance. The bearing uses iron material and white zinc electroplated surface. Hence, it achieves little swing, smooth sliding, and low noise. The size of the product can be specified according to the lower profile of the sliding sash.

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