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The sliding window bracket is mostly used for the connection of aluminum frames and sashes. It has cast aluminum, aluminum profile, and plastic types for customers to choose from. All the screws are treated by the hardening process, ensuring good tightening and no slipping during installation. The product also allows for repeat dismantling. It is popular in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, etc. Made to order service is available in our company. New products are also being created to meet diverse customer demands.

1. We posses a full product series with 100 types or more window bracket. We can provide samples free of charge, moulds opening and ODM / OEM services.
2. The sandblasting helps to achieve good adhesion and nice appearance.
3. Simple and fast installation and removal.

Model: KBJ001

Sliding Window Bracket

The window bracket piece and chip piece are both processed from aluminum material. The convex rabbet and snap is directly punched out of the bracket piece. The iron hardened screw comes with high hardness and good strength. By tightening the screw, 45 degrees fastening is achieved. The product can be cut into different width according to the installation requirements. It is practical and easy to operate. The surface is mostly bare or oxidized.

Model: KBJ008

Sliding Window Bracket

KBJ008 window bracket with sandblasted surface uses hard aluminum movable locking screw, which is beautiful and not easy to break. It can also be made into different heights and specifications. The clamped surface utilizes the point contact of two convex rabbets with spring, which ensures more centralized stress and more firm tightening. It is suitable for use on cut to 45 degrees profiles.

Model: KBJ015

Sliding Window Bracket

KBJ015 detachable active door bracket is designed with a sandblasted surface. The active locking nail uses hard aluminum, ensuring beautiful surface and good firmness. It can also be provided of different heights and specifications. It is applicable to cut to 45 degrees profiles.

Model: KBJ026

Sliding Window Bracket

KBJ026 window bracket comes with a directly punched convex rabbet and snap. The screw is made of stainless steel, guaranteeing high hardness and good strength. By adjusting the flat head screw through Allen key, the suitable height can be achieved to join and lock. The surface is mostly bare or oxidized.

Model: KBJ065

Sliding Window Bracket

KBJ065 square convex rabbet and snap is directly punched out from the window bracket. The stainless steel screw is hard and strong. The appropriate height can be achieved by adjusting the socket head cap screw through Allen key. It comes with easy operation and practical utility. Either bare or oxidized surface is available. This product applies to the 45 degrees profile.

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